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Mary Colmenar leads with Rosary initiative

Mary Colmenar, a Year 12 student, has inspired others with her new student-led initiative that brings students and teachers together in prayer.

Just recently she came up with the idea of gathering every Monday, Week A, to pray the rosary at lunchtimes.

The idea for this initiative was influenced by her own family’s ritual of saying the rosary and taking time to pray regularly as a family. Also powered by her strong Catholic faith, the understanding of our school name and its values, as well as her desire to embody the College’s motto “faith is our compass” she thought that this was a great way to refresh our minds and take time out of our day to talk to God.

She believes that with the busy lives we live, in and out of school, that there is a need to do more praying and meditating and from her own experience she knew that praying really helped her with exams and she was eager to share that with others.

The benefit she says of being able to say the rosary with your peers is that “it spiritually helps you connect with God.” It doesn’t matter what year you’re in or if you’ve prayed the rosary many times or not because everyone is welcome to come along to the session that lasts about 20 minutes and will be on all-year round.

Mary would love to continue to do this next year in her final year at Sancta Maria College and hopes to be able to keep the rosary as a special part of her daily life.

Shontelle Matano