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Massey University Biology Trip

Abby Tay- Morrison (Year 13)

Two Level 3 Biology classes were given the opportunity to attend Massey University for a hands-on experience in a science lab. There, they had the chance to perform Gel Electrophoresis, which was a technique they learnt for an Internal Standard in Term 1.

This technique is used to separate DNA into fragments according to their size which then allowed them to find the various molecules by size of the fragment. The process included the use of a P20 micropipette which allowed the students to take very fine and accurate samples. The smallest amount of a solution drawn up was 2 µL which is equivalent to 0.002mL. DNA samples were also used during the experiment.

During their lunch break, the students were left to explore Massey University’s campus. Some were even inspired to look further into what Massey University has to offer for their first year of university. After the lunch break, the Year 13s returned to the lab, where they were able to see the various fragment sizes and calculate the sizes using the apparatus they had set up.

Thank you Mr Williamson for organising this experience for the Level 3 students. It definitely provided the Level 3 Biology Students great insight into what a university lab would look like.