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Maths can be Fun


There was a lot of buzz and excitement in the air as Year 8s raced around the auditorium on Wednesday, eager to complete each activity from World of Mathematics.

World of Maths wants to show us how we can use mathematics in our everyday lives – for example, reading maps, watching the shadows lengthen and shorten depending on the time of day and even in gardening! The 1 ½ hours spent solving problems was highly enjoyable. We got the chance to create tessellations, build bridges out of three small planks, watch how gears turn and figure out how to use a different kind of calculator.

Some of the activities were more like games: we had to find a way through pegs – by rolling a ball – using a maze at least 1 metre wide on one side. We did all the activities in groups, so not only was it teaching us maths in a different way, it was also great for working in teams to finish as many as possible.

It was a brilliant experience, and all the Year 8s were really lucky to have this opportunity.

Alanna Santoso