Maths Week prize winners announced

Maths, graphs and problem solving. All the students from Sancta Maria College placed their heads together during Maths Week to solve many challenging and brain-teasing problems. During each day of the week, each homeroom was given a math problem for students to solve and decode.

This activity enabled classes to become closer, as students needed to help each other in order to tackle the difficult questions given to them. However, a competition was also available for daring students who wanted an extra challenge. Each student had to create a picture out of graphs, challenging not only their maths skills but their creativity too! What's more, Casio sponsored this competition and provided over $700 dollars worth of calculators! These were our lucky winners:

Year 7

Charles Gomes – Scientific calculator
Leticia El-Boutty – Scientific calculator
Marie Patlong – Stationery

Year 8

Marcellin Chan Mow - Scientific calculator
Ali Dela Cruz - Stationery
Stephen Ju - Stationery
Amanda Lee - Stationery

Year 9

Lars Bosales – Graphic calculator
Karl Guarin – Stationery
J L Lopez – Stationery

Year 10

Chryslyn Beltran – Graphic calculator
Ellen Fromont – Graphic calculator
Zoe Chou – Scientific calculator
Jerald Isleta – Voucher
Nicola Bebelman - Voucher
Maurice de Jesus – Stationery
Stacey St George – Stationery

Year 13

Miles Harvey – Voucher

Thanks is owed to Ms Cho who organised this year's Maths Week. Its success and big prizes can hopefully motivate more students to participate next year!