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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Akaroa House Prefects

Francesca Camacho (Year 11)

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles.

Today we meet Lance Beltran and Michelle Dempsey, our Akaroa House Prefects. Their roles as house prefects are to motivate the students within their house and bring positive and enthusiastic energy. Lance states, “Our job is to look after and support our house, as well as encouraging them to engage in school activities.”

Lance Beltran

The chance to gain more experience as a leader gave Lance the idea to apply for this prefect role. He wanted to become more active within his school life and this was the perfect chance for him to do so. His hopes for this year are to interact with the school more often and be of assistance to others as much as he can. Supporting others is a major goal for him this year as a prefect and he looks forward to all the opportunities that are coming his way.

Lance wants everyone in Akaroa to know that he plans for more house activities to come up this school year – Michelle also agrees. ‘We want our house to have some enthusiasm!’ She says.

Michelle Dempsey

Honesty, reliability, and motivation are the house prefect, Michelle Dempsey’s, strengths. She wanted to experience something new in terms of leadership roles and found this position to be the best fit. She wanted to have more responsibility while at the same time, giving back to the school. She wishes to contribute more as a house leader than previous years and be a person you can approach at school. “I want to be memorable.” – Michelle says.

To those who are interested in becoming prefects in the future, Lance and Michelle want you to know that what you do counts. “You need to do everything with a can-do attitude, make sure you have your say and express your opinion.” Michelle comments. “I agree – Put yourself out there and do your best to interact with others, no matter how nervous you are!” Lance adds. With doing this, they both ensure that this will help with the goals you have in becoming a prefect.

The two are extremely grateful for the role that has been given to them. They’re both looking forward to the upcoming events this position will offer. We wish them good luck and hope this year brings opportunities and success!