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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Deputy Prefects – Community

Our growing leaders, Minju Kim and Elijah Rata, have taken on the position of Community Deputy Prefects! Part of this role is building connections between students, teachers and parents (both inside and outside school), assisting and creating community-based events and being somebody the younger students can turn to for support.

Minju Kim

Minju Kim has played a huge part in many in-and-out of school activities. She is heavily involved with Sancta Maria College music department; sharing her passion for music in various orchestras, big bands, ensembles and even conducting the jazz orchestra! “I love playing music. It’s one of the main ways in which I express myself and my emotions.”

On top of all that, Minju also is involved in the wider community. “I’m the school representative for the Howick Youth Council, where I learn leadership skills by conveying youth voices to others in the community. I am extremely passionate for this council because it gives me new opportunities, and lets me meet people from all over Auckland!”

About being appointed to her new role, Minju says: “It’s an honour to have gotten this role, and I swear to make the school a better place for everyone. Me and my deputy partner – Elijah, – will always be there to help no matter what. I hope you have a good time getting to know me and my role!”

Elijah Rata

Throughout his time at Sancta Maria College, Elijah Rata has been very involved with the school community and his peers. “My passions are anything that has to do with working out, and things related to music whether it is listening to it, creating it, or playing an instrument.” He played the lead in our previous school production: High School Musical Jr and his fun personality has led Elijah to be well-known within our school. Elijah says: “I love having a good time with others and making others laugh as it brings me joy.”

Elijah’s goals for this year are to get closer to all the different aspects of the school community – teachers, year levels and especially the younger students. He wants to be a role model, someone who encourages and inspires students to take risks and embrace more of themselves.

‘By putting myself out there and exuding self-love and confidence, I can hopefully inspire others to do the same.” – Elijah

For all the growing young leaders, Minju and Elijah have some words of wisdom. They advise you to challenge yourselves!! Take part in extracurricular activities that will grow who you are, help you become a better version of yourself and learn from your experiences.

“To those who wish to become prefects in the future: get involved in as much as you can! Though being a prefect is a good experience in itself, having the opportunity to do things outside of school is almost as great. Be confident in everything you do, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can do it! :D” – Minju

“Also, I advise that if they haven’t already, to work on themselves to become better people whether that be working towards certain goals or becoming more genuine to others. I think by doing that, it will open a lot more doors that students can walk through as well as benefiting their own future to become a more brighter one.” – Elijah

We know that Minju and Elijah’s passion and leadership will bring a positive impact on our community. Congratulations to our Deputy Head Prefects for the School Community, we look forward to the year ahead!

Jennifer Zeng