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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Deputy Prefects – Special Character

In this series of articles, we feature our Deputy Head Prefects of Special Character, Sydney Causer and Nathan Pereira.

Sydney and Nathan are both very honoured and excited to have the opportunity to lead Sancta Maria College as Special Character Prefects in 2021. In this role, the prefects look after all aspects of the school relating to Special Character with some examples being the planning of our beautiful masses and arrangement of the prayer section during assembly.

Sydney Causer

Being a News Centre Leader, Enviro Team leader, 2019/2020 Peer Support leader, member of Young Vinnies, Stella Maris Committee, experienced netball player and umpire, Sydney is evidently involved across multiple areas of our school. She also is a competitive ballroom dancer and teacher, sharing her love for dance by helping younger kids develop their own passion for dance.

Sydney belongs to St Mark’s Parish and is a commentator, welcomer, Minister of the Word, Altar Server and member of her Youth Group. She recently became a Eucharistic Minister and thinks of it as a wonderful opportunity that allows her to be closer to Jesus. She hopes to “bring in the visual aspect/form of (liturgical) dance as another opportunity for students to get involved.”

“I am looking forward to creating a more exciting culture towards the Special Character of our school by working alongside Nathan to come up with initiatives which will be engaging for all students,” says Sydney.

Nathan Pereira

Nathan is a diligent student, Young Vinnies leader and heavily contributes to groups such as Stella Maris Committee and AV Team. He enjoys music and has been playing the piano for roughly 8 years and is part of the Big Band, Jazz Combo and Production Band. This is an example of his outstanding dedication to something he is passionate about.

As a firm Catholic believer, Nathan says that he is “looking forward to developing an interest for the Catholic faith within our school. I am hoping to have more students understand different parts of our religion and take part within school masses and liturgies.” He himself is part of St Lukes Parish and helps as an Altar Server.

For all those who are considering prefect roles in the future, Sydney and Nathan’s advice is to always believe and find ways to improve yourself as well as keep developing your leadership skills.

“Some advice that I would give to those who are looking to be prefects is to make yourself known. Put yourself out there, volunteering for different causes, taking part in extracurricular activities, taking an active role within school masses and liturgies. By showing

your leadership skills and qualities, you make yourself someone who teachers and fellow students want to be helping to lead school life.” Nathan shares.

We congratulate both Sydney and Nathan as they are both well-deserving of the role as Special Character Deputy Head Prefects of 2021. We wish them all the best with the duties and responsibilities that they will be carrying out this year.

Teresa Croker