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Meet our 2021 Leaders – Head Prefects

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Felix Cheng and Gemma Holt, our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2021.

Building connections with the wider community, creating buddy systems and improving Sancta Maria College’s cultural aspect are just some of the many goals Felix and Gemma have set for themselves as they lead the prefect team for 2021. Both students are truly passionate about the college, and are actively involved in school life, from music and special character, to sports and supporting students– all while maintaining a high academic standard.

Felix Cheng

A member of the school’s Big Band and Concert Band, Felix is active in the school’s music department. He is also an avid badminton player enjoys many hobbies such as diving, archery and gaming. He is an enthusiastic student, and enjoys all his subjects – in particular, chemistry.

As a prefect, Felix aims to raise money for charities through fundraising events, and to connect younger students with older ones through experiences such as student council. “I simply want to support my prefect peers and leave the school a better place than when I started,” he says.

A want to connect our school with the wider community and a passion for advocating student voice drove Felix to aim for a prefect position. He hopes to be able to support and assist his prefect team to thrive in their own portfolios.

Gemma Holt

Gemma’s goal to be Head Girl stems from being inspired by Sancta Maria College’s past head girls, like Jane Kubala (2016) and Gemma Deftereos (2017). “They played an important impact on my life and how I wanted to be a leader for our younger students,” she says, “I also felt that being a prefect would allow me to make changes within the school that would help improve the environment.”

Gemma is a keen sportswoman, with her passions lying with netball, football and basketball. Her favourite subjects include chemistry and classics. In her spare time, she is a movie enthusiast!

Her goals as a prefect involve getting to know the student body better, and making connections with student leaders from other schools to discuss ways to give back to the community. She also wishes to help improve the school’s cultural aspect, through ways such as highlighting cultural groups.

When asked for advice for students looking to be future prefects, Gemma recommends taking opportunities, planning ahead, and never being afraid to ask for help.

Both Felix and Gemma have proven to be exceptional students with a true passion for Sancta Maria College. We look forward to what they bring to the college, and congratulate them on their new positions wishing them and their prefect team well for their prefect journey 2021.

Alanna Santoso