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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Kororareka House Prefects

Marina Jones (Year 11)

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Thomas Simpson and Maddison Blincoe, our Kororāreka Prefects.

One of the greatest things that makes our school distinctive is our school house spirit, and no one represents that thought more than the current Kororāreka house prefects: Thomas Simpson and Maddison Blincoe.

Although both prefects’ led Kororāreka to victory this year in our annual school athletics, they are looking forward to more involvement from the whole school in other house competitions throughout the year.

Thomas Simpson

Thomas is a motivated Merit/Excellence student in his array of classes and loves sports. If it’s playing or watching, football, rugby, hockey or anything else in between. In his last year of school he is looking forward to Athletics day, the annual school ball, banter from class and mates, and the final assembly when Kororāreka will be announced as winners. Eager to improve our school Thomas wanted to become a house prefect because he wanted a larger role and to have a say in the changes in our school.

Thomas states “To become a prefect in the future, do as much as you can, and make yourselves known to teachers, in a good light though”.

Maddison Blincoe

Maddison is a passionate and involved student who has many interests. One of those includes her sport synchronised ice skating. She loves to train for her sport and skate with all her friends on the ice. Maddison’s favorite subject is PE studies, as she loves to learn about the human body and how we can become better athletes. A strength that Maddison has is being appreciative of the simple things in life, especially the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

One of the many things that Maddison is looking forward to this year is enjoying the early finishes and extra study periods (of course), and to putting it all into her studies and school commitment for her last year at Sancta. As a prefect, one of Maddison’s goals that she has set herself is to get to know the students of the younger year levels below, and become someone that they feel comfortable talking to and coming to if they need anything.

Maddison states “To anyone who is wanting to be a prefect in the future, just go for it! Remember to have a positive attitude and to be motivated to work for your role.”