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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Sports Prefects

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Glenn Fromont and Alex Dougherty, our Sports Prefects.

Alex Dougherty

We all look at our school leaders as our role models, and some of us want to be like them when two grow as Year 13s. This is exactly how Alex felt as Year 7 student. She says “When I first came to this school as a year 7, I was amazed how students were given the chances to become leaders and lead the kids.” Alex knew right away that she wanted to work towards being a leader herself. “I wanted to set a good example to the future year 7’s and help them to be more comfortable in the new environment just like the prefects helped me to do when I was year 7.”

Outside of school life, Alex loves to do fitness, read books, cook, and watch movies. She plays many sports, being in the school’s hockey team and formerly in the football and netball teams at school. She enjoys learning sports.

Glenn Fromont

Just like Alex, Glenn also wanted to be a school leader who would be looked up by the younger ones. He likes rugby, rock climbing, skim boarding, fishing, hunting and gaming with his mates in and outside of school. He is a good public speaker who isn’t afraid when something goes wrong or bad.

Together Alex and Glenn hope to encourage more students to play sport. Their goal is to also allow more teams and sports available to the students, and to make sport fun and enjoyable. They want to bring the whole school together through social sport. Just like the leaders before them, Glenn and Alex want juniors and students to have a closer connection to their senior leaders so that they are not scared to go to them if anything goes wrong.

They both also have words of encouragement to students here at Sancta and those who aspiring to become Prefects when the time comes:

Alex’s advice to other students would be just go for things. “There have been many times when I wasn’t going to go for something because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself or get teased by my friends for embarrassing myself. But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter because I doubt anyone is going to remember after a week about that stupid thing and in the future, you will look back at it and be thankful that you did it because your never know how it can change your life for the better.” ~ Alex

“The only advice I would give to younger students is to just not get into too much trouble and they will be sweet.” – Glenn

Jermaine Daclan