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Meet our 2021 Leaders: Waitemata House Prefects

Jennifer Joseph (Year 12)

In this series of articles, we get to know our 2021 prefect team better, and learn about their goals, backgrounds and roles. Today we meet Miguel Fernandez and Aerin Henry, our Waitematā House Prefects.

Both prefects have one shared goal: Winning the house competition and leading Waitemata to the top once again.

Miguel Fernandez

Miguel’s other passions include singing, gaming, piano, volleyball, ukulele, basketball and watching anime. He is currently playing in U19’s basketball and we can expect to see him getting more involved as the year goes on. “Not many people think of this as a strength but I am very competitive. I am always striving to contribute and help in any way in order to help my group/team complete a task or achieve a goal”

Miguel’s aim is to boost house spirit this year. “I want people to have the resolve to compete despite the odds that face them.”

Miguel wants all students from every house to not be dismayed from participating and instead be determined to win even knowing the huge gap in house points.

He’s especially looking forward to working together with other prefects and coming up with unique ways for houses to earn points.

Aerin Henry

Sports is also a big part of Aerins life. She says netball is a huge part of her life having been playing it for 12-13 years. “I have also always been passionate in trying to make a change or being a part of the change.” This passion to bring about change is what inspired her to become a prefect.

Aerin’s main goal is to win the house competition but she also wants to be an approachable role model for the younger students. “I am looking forward to being a leader figure to the younger students and for the challenge of year 13. I’m excited for all the experiences that we get to experience because of year 13.”

For those aiming to become prefects in future, advice from Miguel and Aerin is to keep your head up and push through.

“Be ready for the responsibilities that come with it,” says Aerin, “it is an honour to be part of a team that are all on the same page in wanting to make a difference.”

Miguel’s piece of advice is that “there may be a lot of setbacks and it can get really busy, but if you keep pushing forward and keep an open mind then you will make an amazing leader in the end.” He encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and connect with our peers.

“Remember that you won’t be a prefect all by yourself and that you have a team to lean on when you need to.”

This year’s Waitemata prefects are truly deserving of their roles. Be ready Sancta Maria for a passion-filled eventful year, hopefully ending with Waitemata as No.1.