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Meet Our 2022 Prefects 7: Performing Arts Prefects

Eliyana Eliki-Jones (Year 9)

In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their backgrounds, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Performing Art Prefects, Camilla Isip and Andrew Botting.

The roles of our 2022 Performing Art Prefects are to oversee all school events involving Drama, Music, Dance, and more.

Camilla Isip

Camilla’s desire to fulfill the role of Prefect is rooted in her aspirations to improve her leadership skills, and to be more involved in our school community. She decided this would be a fantastic opportunity for her, deeming the role of an Arts Prefect to be the most fitting, based on her passion for music and desire to be involved in school events, especially the Talent Quest.

Camilla is also involved in numerous extracurricular activities such as the Orchestra, Cello Ensemble, Jazz Combo, the Big Band, the Sanctus Choir, the Worship Band, the K-pop dance group, Young Vinnies, and a few others. Some of her various hobbies and personal interests include cooking/baking, trying new foods, singing, playing Cello and Guitar, and watching videos on YouTube. She also enjoys listening to music, her favourite genres being jazz, R&B and K-pop.

Camilla’s goals as a Prefect this year are to help improve the Talent Quest in a way that would make it more entertaining and enjoyable for audiences and to help both students and teachers feel connected through peer support alongside her co-Prefect, Andrew Botting.

Camilla’s advice for those who also share the same desire to become Prefects in the future is “to have a constant positive attitude and try to be more present in the school community by joining our many school groups and committees. Regardless of whether you are chosen for a leadership role or not, being more involved in school clubs and committees can help you develop relationships with new people and help you thrive, especially in leadership.”

Andrew Botting

Andrew’s aspirations to become a Prefect came from his wishes to serve our school and to enrich our school’s musical passion and successes. Andrew specialises in music and he, along with his co-Prefect, Camilla Isip, are in three bands.

Aside from his passion for music, Andrew excels in maths and partakes in a few school sports; being a member of the basketball team since year 7, playing for the volleyball team from years 10-12 and representing the school in track last year. Andrew is also a member of many school groups and committees such as the Big Band, Jazz Combo, and the Orchestra. Outside of school, some of Andrew’s hobbies and personal interests include gaming, playing basketball, music, and spending time with friends.

Again, Andrew’s main goals as a Prefect are “to serve our school and community and to help our students thrive, especially those who share the same passion as he does.” Similar to his co-Prefect, Camilla Isip, Andrew looks forward to contributing to school events and making them as enjoyable and memorable as possible, particularly the Talent Quest which the Performing Arts Prefects overlook.

Andrew’s advice for those looking to potentially be Prefects in the future is to “Always be willing to serve our school community and to be passionate about school and be involved in it.” For the students of Sancta Maria College, especially the younger ones, Andrew recommends “getting involved as much as possible and openly seizing any opportunities that are available to you, even if they may seem scary or difficult – don’t leave with any regrets. By doing this, you learn to grow as a person and develop new skills and relationships.”

We look forward to seeing the ideas and life our 2022 Arts Prefects will bring to Sancta Maria College and wish them all the best.