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Meet Our 2022 Prefects 12: Waitemata Prefects

Aaron Santoso (Year 9)

In this Meet the Head Prefect series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their backgrounds, roles, and ambitions. Today we feature our Waitemata Prefects, Mikaela Lai and Seamus O’Rouke.

They see their House Prefect roles as a gift and wanted to become a leader towards their peers and younger students so that they could encourage and incorporate house spirit in various activities that they will organise and run throughout the year.

“I personally wanted to become a Prefect to make a difference at our school.” Seamus says, “I found it to be an incredible opportunity to give back for the many wonderful years I’ve spent at this school.”

Mikaela’s desire to become a Prefect began in her first few years at Sancta Maria. She was inspired by the previous Prefects as they have made her school life more exciting. She also wishes to use this opportunity to give back to the school.

Whether on the field or the sidelines, Seamus has a strong passion for football. His favourite subjects include English and Biology, but he also enjoys jamming on his bass.

When it comes to music though, Mikaela takes a more classical approach than Seamus, playing viola in the school orchestra for many years. She also enjoys photography, sculpture, and geography.

Both Prefects hope to lead their house into victory this year, as Waitemata haven’t won since 2015. They want to improve the school’s house spirit and aid the development of this school.

Seamus encourages other students to get involved in and outside of school. He believes that we all should try and make a difference.

Mikaela tells us, “Advice I would give to those who are looking to be Prefects in the future is to just go for it. Even if you’re unsure of yourself, have confidence as you never know, your hard work may be rewarded.”

We congratulate Mikaela and Seamus and wish them all the best for these new leaders, we hope this year brings many opportunities and successes!