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Meet our 2022 Prefects 9: Wellbeing Prefects

Nicole Xu (Year 12)

In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Wellbeing Prefects, Joseph George and Kathleen Shi.

Kathleen Shi

Kathleen is a diligent and hardworking student. Currently, her favourite subject in school is sculpture. Though she applies a lot of pressure towards herself to perform well in art, she has recently found it therapeutic – a way to display her emotions in the work she produces. “Trying to incorporate layers of meaning and symbolism in my work is very rewarding, in a way.” Aside from school, Kathleen has been playing the flute for a few of the school’s ensembles over the years. She has found it very enjoyable and was able to create many friends from different year levels through the music groups.

Kathleen believes that although there is an overall goal of making sure that every student has a great positive experience whilst they are at Sancta Maria College, Joseph and her will focus on the wellbeing side of things. “My personal interpretation of the role would be creating meaningful change within the school so that the environment is welcoming to all. I hope that this school can be a place where all students feel safe to express themselves freely, knowing that they will have an accepting and supportive community to back them, regardless of who they are.”

This year, Kathleen would like to encourage more open and constructive conversations about mental health within the school. “It comes from wanting to be the change that I would have wanted to see when I was a younger student and struggling with my mental health.” She feels that many students may feel isolated or misunderstood, unable to access the help they need due to fear of discrimination, hence openly talking about these issues will ease up the misconceptions surrounding mental health.

Some advice from Kathleen for future students who are looking to be Prefects is “to think about quality over quantity – your leadership qualities will shine through naturally when you’re doing something that you are passionate about.”

Joseph George

Joseph is a passionate student, born with natural leadership skills. As Sancta Maria College’s 2022 Wellbeing Prefect, Joseph has a goal to coordinate events, activities and initiatives, hoping to provide a more enjoyable, bright and positive environment for students at the school. Stating “I wish to bring about positive attitudes and ensure students feel safe within our Sancta Maria Whānau, encouraging them to look after themselves and others as well as loving themselves for who they are.”

From Year 7, Joseph has been working hard to follow in the footsteps of the 2016 Prefects. He hopes to be able to make the same great impact for the students, promoting positive attitudes and being a leader that they can approach for help or support. “My role is to help ensure the SMC students have positive mental health, every step of the way through their life in our college.”

Outside of his studies, Joseph loves football and has been playing for a team for a few years. Additionally, Joseph enjoys socializing with others, gaming with friends and watching shows/movies.

Some advice from Joseph for future students who are looking to be Prefects is “to put yourself out there, sharing ideas or initiatives you are passionate about when wanting to create a positive impact for our school. I would encourage you to strive to not only do what you are asked to, but be creative and identify new ideas you would like to implement in Sancta Maria College.”

Joseph George and Kathleen Shi are two bright and enthusiastic students. We congratulate both Prefects and wish them all the best as they work together, taking up the 2022 Wellbeing role!