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Meet our deputy head prefects – Special Character

One of the many things Sancta Maria College has celebrated is the recent recognition of the 2017 prefects. Proud parents sat in the auditorium with their wide smiles as their children accepted their badges. The students’ integrity, kindness, humility and other leadership qualities have made them worthy recipients of these roles within our school.

Let’s get to know some of them!

Alchae Cansana
To be honest, never in a million years did I think I would get a prefect role, let alone Deputy Head Girl! So my very first reaction was one of pure shock! But having the Sancta Maria SLT (Senior Leadership Team) believe in me and what I was capable of – even when I didn’t really think much of myself – was actually (putting shock aside) quite empowering! It has allowed me to see that my limitations weren’t as restricted as I thought they were and I now have more faith in myself. I am empowered in a way that I have confidence in my abilities and I shouldn’t hold anything back that could prevent me from doing this role properly and to the very best of my ability.

I would really like to transfer my new found self- belief to the rest of the Sancta Maria College community. My goal would be to not only build up the strengths of those who are already ‘doers’ but to improve the qualities of those who are more ‘watchers’ but have the potential and desire to be ‘doers’.

I was one of the latter in my first few years here but, overtime, due to some teachers and friends I was able to be part of the former category and I am standing in this position now.

This is what I would like to mainly achieve here in my last year at The College, that most people who are in the shadows now are able to have at least one spotlight on them at some point in the year, and gain confidence in themselves. This will hopefully result in more go-getters from Sancta Maria College and allow more students to see their full potential and go for everything 100% rather than just settle for mediocrity- which is not what Sancta Maria College is about!

Cuan Pillay
It’s an absolute honour being selected as one of the leaders of Sancta Maria College. Especially because it was the student vote that gave me that opportunity! I just hope I can fulfil the role as well as the people think I can.

My goal as the Special Character deputy is to try and make religion a fun and exciting experience for all students from Yesr 7-13. I’d love to get everyone to embrace their religion in, not a boring or “conventional” manner, but in an innovative and youth friendly way, while still keeping the dignity and reverence of the traditional Catholic ways.

The Stella Maris Shield is something that I would like to leave behind as my legacy. The establishment of the competition last year and the development of it this year, I believe, is something that works well with my goals this year.

My lasting impression of Sancta Maria College is that it’s home. I’m always with family and I’m never alone. I want everyone to feel that way while they’re here. I want them to always know that they have a voice and it should be heard no matter how old they are. We’ve all got different talents and skills, so we should embrace them! I’ve been really fortunate in my seven years to witness that, and I hope in the future, that culture continues to grow at Sancta Maria College.