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Meet our 2023 Head Prefects

Sancta Maria College Head Prefects for 2023

Our 2023 Head Prefects, Marina and Benedict, have independently set goals that improve how they advocate for young leaders and are the voices of our school’s students.

Head Boy, Benedict, excels in basketball, volleyball, and academic subjects like debating. He enjoys learning new things in all fields, regardless of whether its within school or not. He is motivated by the Latin phrase “Optimum Solum,” which translates to “Only the Best,” and aspires to live by this quote.

Marina, our Head Girl, likes to share her culture and enjoys seeing the wonderful effects it has on our school community, holding a prominent position in the cultural life of Sancta Maria.


The pair uphold great qualities and have established themselves as strong Head Prefects that are positively giving back to school life and making a difference. Benedict and Marina think everyone should constantly strive to uncover their ‘why’ to motivate their achievement. There are numerous possible interpretations of this, but they want us to “expand our perspectives and achieve our ambitions reasonably. We can develop our personalities for the future by taking pride in our accomplishments and gaining new experiences.”

By Arianna Peters