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Meet our new Assistant Principal: Lawrence Naicker

Around 25 years ago, I left South Africa and found my way to New Zealand. Teaching is my passion, and I’ve had the privilege of working in various secondary schools. Notably, I served as the Head of Mathematics at Sancta Maria College (SMC) from 2010 to 2016, which left an indelible mark on me. Fast forward to today: after eight years as Deputy Principal at Manurewa High School, destiny has led me back to SMC in a Senior Leadership role. I’m genuinely thrilled about this new chapter.

My driving force? A love for Mathematics and a commitment to student success. I believe in cross-curricular learning and the power of technology in education. Over the years, I’ve celebrated remarkable moments, from teaching exceptional students to guiding a group of four students to first place in New Zealand and a spot among the Top 5 globally in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge. I have also been awarded the Woolf-Fisher Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching—an honour that still humbles me.

I hold a Masters in Educational Leadership—a compass that guides my decisions. Postgraduate qualifications in Digital and Collaborative Learning keep me attuned to the ever-evolving educational landscape. My degree and diploma, with majors in Maths, Computer Science, and Economics, provide a solid foundation.

I recently earned the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert qualification, helping me stay abreast of technological advancements. Because we know in education, we’re all perpetual learners.

As I enter this role, I’m eager to serve our students, collaborate with staff, and engage with our vibrant community. Together, we’ll create an environment where curiosity thrives, resilience blooms, and every student finds their unique path. Here’s to the journey ahead—a journey of growth, inspiration, and unwavering dedication.