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Meet our Student Leaders 1: Head Prefects

In this series of articles, we get an inside look at our prefects – their backgrounds, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Head Prefects, Francesca Adams and Tristan Tualagi.

Amongst their many goals, boosting school spirit at Sancta Maria College is a key aim for both Tristan and Francesca as they embark on their journey being Head Prefects for 2020.

Francesca describes being excited when she was selected, though the news took weeks to sink in and become real. For Tristan, it was a truly special experience being on stage as the Kapa Haka group performed for him just as he has done for other Head Prefects in the past.

Being a librarian, leader of the News Centre team, volleyball player, oboist for the Concert band and a peer support leader for the last two years, Francesca has many commitments across all areas of school life – many of them involving her strong leadership skills. She is also heavily involved in her Youth Group outside of school and would like to study something English based at university such as law or global studies.

Like Francesca, Tristan has many interests and involvements across Sancta Maria College: playing volleyball, basketball and rugby for the school, as well as coaching rugby, being a peer support leader, and being a central member of the school’s Kapa Haka group. He has a dream to play professional rugby in the future and would like to help develop and influence youth – possibly through being an influential speaker.

Aside from a collective aim to boost school and house spirit at SMC, both have their individual goals for school this year.

As a strong Catholic, Francesca wishes to share her deep faith with others and help others to see and recognise God’s plans and ambitions for them so that they can feel safe and secure with Him in their lives. She would also like to involve younger students more in school life, and help them to express themselves and their authenticity as well as empower and uplift them so that they can go into the world and make a difference.

Tristan has a goal to help the school stay connected from year 7 to 13 because he believes there is no difference between being year 7 or being a senior – all of us are still connected. He would also like to influence younger students to achieve their goals.

For those aiming to become prefects in future, advice from Tristan and Francesca is to not be afraid to speak out and stand out, take opportunities when they arise and to be true to yourself.

“Be yourself and be comfortable in your own beliefs and your own interests and passions because that’s what’s going to drive you to become a leader and motivate you to go far,” says Francesca.

Both Tristan and Francesca have proven themselves to be inspiring leaders and are truly deserving of their roles as Sancta Maria College’s Head Prefects of 2020. What they will bring to this school is greatly anticipated, and we wish them all the best for the year to come.

Alanna Santoso