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Meet our Student Leaders 10


In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Akaroa House Prefects, Zacharias Arudas and Camilla Lagaaia.

Late 2018, both Zac and Camilla, were chosen to be the Akaroa house prefects this year. As representatives of the school, their role is to lead, have a strong school spirit and make Akaroa the winning house of 2019!

Last year, during the announcement of the prefects, Zac and Camilla got called up to the stage. Like always, it was a total shock.

“I was honestly so surprised, but at the same time excited as well.” – Camilla

“When I got called up to the stage, I felt shocked because I wasn’t expecting it at all.” – Zac

As House Captains, they are both tired of Akaroa being the losing team every year. So, they wish to change that by getting out and encouraging all the year levels, especially the Year 7 and 8s, to be involved in different house activities.

Zac Arudas has many family, friends and teachers that push him to his full potential. Through his years of education, Zac has struggled with many of his subjects because of his Irlen’s Syndrome, but that clearly hasn’t stopped him from achieving to his potential at school. Zac is aiming to get a scholarship for sports science at university and his goal for 2019 is to pass his last year of high school on a high note.

One of Zac’s greatest passions is basketball. He enjoys it so much he says that it keeps him sane. Throughout the years of being at Sancta Maria College, Zacharias, soon noticed that he was a very loud person and got sick of Akaroa losing all the time. He wanted to change that, and that was when he realised, he someday wanted to be a house captain.

Camilla Lagaaia is so grateful for all the teachers who have motivated, and continue to inspire, her throughout her school years. Since Year 10, Camilla has been striving to be a house captain because,

through her own experiences, she found the house assemblies and house activities boring and not fun at all. So, she wanted to change that.

“I want to make my house more hyped and make the activities and assemblies more entertaining. I also want more students from different year levels, especially the year 7 and 8’s, to get more involved.”

Camilla is planning to do a conjoint Law and Criminology degree at university and she is eager to pass NCEA Level 3 with a Merit or Excellence.

The Akaroa prefects are two amazing and high aiming students. Surely, as the year goes by, we’ll see them blossom and hear more from them. Zacharias Arudas and Camilla Lagaaia would love to give a massive thank you to:

“My parents! Mrs Schealler (Potter), Mrs Stevens, Mrs Judd and Mrs Heffernan. I couldn’t have survived school without my boys and all my friends and, of course, basketball.” – Zacharias Arudas

“All my teachers who push me to my limits and motivate me, but there are two ladies who have motivated me to be a better version of myself and have pushed me to become a better leader that gives back to everyone. My Year 9 Dean, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Judd.” – Camilla Lagaaia


Alexandria Lazatin