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Meet our Student Leaders 11


In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Well-being prefects Megan Noronha, Ellen Fromont and Katrina Chan.

How do the wellbeing prefects expect to fulfil their duties and keep our of students feeling empowered and at their best. It is obvious they can’t personally check up on each student, so what is their plan? “Telling everyone to help each other,” is their response. The perfect solution to get the message out to support each other.

With Katrina, Ellen and Megan’s help, together with the education students will receive about well-being, this difficult task will be made simpler. A new initiative is to appoint well-being ambassadors from each year level. These students, one boy and one girl will be a part of the wellbeing committee, reporting on and looking after their year level.

With cultural well-being as the focus for term one, the aim is to have a theme for each term. Activities will be arranged along with a campaign to raise awareness of cultural wellbeing.

“Because cultural wellbeing is important. We need to learn to respect and love our culture as it’s a huge part of you, and very important to your wellbeing,” say our student three leaders.

As exam season nears, stress is significant in each student. Burn out and the pressure can seriously impact a student’s well-being. To ensure everyone stays composed, a scheme will be put into practice that ensures students aren’t too stressed by their exams and grades. Ideas like this are some of the many the new well-being prefects have in mind for the year.

What are their personal opinions on well-being? When asked this question the immediate answer is “It is underrated.” In society today, a low self-esteem and mental health problems are very common. The problem isn’t given the recognition it deserves.

“I’m really grateful for this world because it’s given me lots,” says Katrina about her new role. She also believes it is a way of giving back. “Without a stable well-being you cannot sustain yourself, it is very important for each person and must be taken care of.”

The well-being of students and everyone is a passion for this year’s well-being prefects. They have recognised that is a significant problem and that by shining a light on it, they may help and support all Sancta Maria College students.

Jennifer Joseph