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Meet our Student Leaders 12


In this series of articles, we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our service prefects, Faith Cruz, Patrick De Vera and Patricia Dela Cruz.

One of the biggest things that makes our school special is our culture of service, and nobody exemplifies that idea more than this year’s service prefects: Faith Cruz, Patrick De Vera and Patricia Dela Cruz.

Their role as service prefects means that they have the responsibility of overviewing the service activities and events at the school. They work closely with the special character prefects and the RE department to make sure our school is continuously building up a culture of service. They also make sure that students have opportunities to serve which contribute to the special character of the school.

When it comes to things that they want to achieve this year as service prefects, Faith says that she wants to gett across the message that service is not just about the actions, it’s a culture.

Patricia say that one thing she hope to achieve is to be a good influence on the students and help them to realise that service is all about humility.

Patrick also says that he wants to have as many students as possible willing to help others in need and have them doing it for the right reasons. He also says that it would be great to have this kind of reputation for our school in our wider community.

Collectively, they want students to join in service activities, not just for the sake of it, but because they are willing to help and serve people around the school and in the wider community.

When they got the service prefect portfolio, Faith says that she felt very surprised because she didn’t expect three names to be called out. She says she was overwhelmed by so many emotions, but

overall felt very happy as she also found out that two of her closest friends also got appointed to the same portfolio as her.

Patricia says that she felt really humbled and privileged as she knew that it would be a great platform for her to channel her passion for service. She says that she is aware of how lucky she is to be given this opportunity, so she hopes that she can accomplish many things.

Patrick says that he was immediately really happy, as it gives him a big opportunity to better serve the school and to serve others. He says that he is really good friends with Patricia and Faith, so it was also really great knowing that he would get to fulfil his role with people he trusted and who he is close to.

These prefects also take part in many of our school’s co-curricular activities, with Faith being part of the school’s two previous productions. She has also been a peer support leader and belonged to many other groups. She is especially passionate about playing the violin, as she is one of the principal violinists in the chamber orchestra as well as one of the chamber music ensembles. Faith is also very passionate about assisting at Masses as an altar server and as a Eucharistic minister.

This year, Patricia is involved with managing the Year 7 and 8 debating programme, playing hockey for the school’s first XI and leading Young Vinnies.

During his time at the College, Patrick has been pretty active in his service in music, being involved in the Senior Choir, Kapa Haka, Worship Band and Gospel Choir. He has also been a part of the Enviro Team, Peer Support, Debating team and 40 Hour Famine, among other groups and activities. Outside of school he has also been active serving and leading in his local youth group.

As for who inspires them to be good leaders, Faith says that she takes inspiration from Abraham Lincoln after hearing about him during one of Fr. Kevin’s homilies. She says that Abraham Lincoln was rejected by the people around him for a long time, but with perseverance and determination, he was able to reach the top. She hopes to show as much perseverance and determination as him so that one day she will be working to the best of her ability.

On the other hand, Patricia says that world leaders do not inspire her as much as her mum, teachers and her youth group leaders do. However, she does admire the service that Michelle Obama does.

Patrick says that he has a lot of admiration for Bill Gates, someone who gave up 95% of his $40 million fortune over the years to different charities. However, Patrick says he admires everyday people, who do great acts of service with little to no recognition. He says, “Those unsung heroes are the people I really look up to the most, as they relate to people like us much better.”

In the future, Faith hopes to study law and media studies at the University of Auckland. With any luck, she hopes to work at a big media company in America. Patricia aims to become a civil engineer

who focuses on global humanitarian engineering so that she can work in developing countries and hopefully build something that will improve their lifestyles. Patrick says that he aims to take the leadership skills that he’s gained throughout his time at Sancta Maria College into the wider world. He says he’d love to go overseas on a small outreach trip to a less fortunate country and spend time there and help others out.

We wish them the best for all their endeavours this year and in the future.

Ethan Rogacion