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Meet our student leaders 2

In this series of articles we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Performing Arts prefects, Anna Nguyen and Ella Flores.

Late 2018, Anna Nguyen and Ella Flores became our Performing Art prefects for 2019. Now, let’s find out about them.

Anna and Ella have enjoyed performing arts since they were at primary school – some of their earliest memories being the school productions and being involved in all the singing and dancing they could do. They enjoy performing arts because they have a deep passion for it and chose being the performing arts prefects because it was the only portfolio that they cared about and wanted. Another reason is that they could see many areas which they would like to develop.

When in Year 7, Ella saw the prefects getting their badges, and it was at that moment that she realised that she wanted an opportunity to lead. That dream was later lost as she focused on sport, and she thought that ‘she was too cool for performing arts’. Later she realised that performing arts was cool, and that is why she is a Performing Art prefect today.

Anna realised that she wanted to become a Performing Arts prefect in Year 10 – when she realised it was an important portfolio.

When Ella’s name was called late last year, she was too happy for all the other newly appointed prefects to really let her feelings show. Anna, on the other hand, was a bit disappointed. Since usually there is one boy and one girl, Anna thought her name was not going to be called. Of course, she was happy for Ella, but when her name was called, and she was on stage, her peers thought she was going to congratulate Ella. Needless to say, she needed a nudge from Mr Roberson to get the message that she too had been appointed a Performing Arts prefect!

Anna and Ella feel that the participation in singing at Mass is one of the areas they will be looking to improve, especially since singing ‘counts as praying twice’. Another key feature that they are looking at is the participation in drama in Year 7 and 8. At present there is no real opportunity for them except for late start Thursdays. Anna and Ella also want to make performing arts more ‘accessible’.

One thing they enjoy about being a Performing Arts prefect is that there is no hierarchy among the prefects; they all treat each other the same. Another thing they find helpful is that Anna likes music, and Ella likes drama. So, they have a network of support when they need it.

Anna and Ella hope to inspire others to get out of their shell and to embrace performing arts. They want to provide more opportunities, make drama more inclusive, and for people to feel like performing arts is not only a choice, but also an art, an art that they will develop a deep passion for.

Finally, they would like to thank Mr Roberson and Mrs Oliver for pushing them to their limits.

So here you are, your Performing Art prefects for 2019, Anna Nguyen and Ella Flores.

Seamus O’Rourke and Jason Borromeo