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Meet our Student Leaders 3: Deputy Head Prefects – School Community

In this series of articles, we get an inside look at our 2020 prefects- their background, roles and ambitions. Today we are featuring out Deputy Head Boy and Girl for School Community Allyson Ropati and Jack Farrell.

Allyson expresses her driven attitude to serve the students in the college as Deputy Head Girl for School Community.

“To be chosen for this role is an honour and a privilege and I am looking forward to working alongside my prefect team to bring out the best in Sancta Maria College. I was very surprised when my name was announced because I thought that I was not good enough to be put forward and my reaction was to be speechless!”

Aside from Allyson’s day to day school life, she is involved in many co-curricular activities. Netball plays an extremely important part of her identity and it is what drives her strong, confident and resilient persona.

“Netball has been a big part of my life since I was about 10 years old. I played for the school teams up to Year 11 and I would say that it is still one of my biggest passions. I represented Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre in regional tournaments for four years. Last year, however, I had to put that on hold to focus more on my studies but I couldn’t stay away from the sport for too long. Even though I am unable to play, I have found a way to still be involved and give back to the school community. I will be coaching a team this year and am looking forward to many new opportunities to come.”

Jack Farrell is a well-known pupil amongst his cohort in Year 13. This year, Jack is taking a wide range of subjects that will give him a strong foundation in whatever he decides to study the following year. After achieving 50+ Merit and Excellence credits at Level 2 last year, Jack continues to be dedicated to his studies as he is taking Level 3 Physics, Biology, Geography, Physical Education Studies and Mathematics.

Outside Jack’s academic achievements, we all ought to keep a close eye on Sancta Maria College’s upcoming production, Footloose. Jack has been selected as lead role of Ren McCormack.

“I have been lucky enough to be cast for this year’s school production, Footloose. Something that I have always wanted to do and has been one of my goals after being part of the backstage crew for Grease and High School Musical. It’s something I look forward to, as it will be pushing me right out of my comfort zone – something that I think everyone needs to do every once in a while.”

As our community prefects, their goal is to help improve student involvement in co-curricular groups. There are many new initiatives that will occur in the coming year to deepen the relationship between prefects and all students, and the prefects wish to leave their mark once their time ends at the college.

For all those who are considering prefect and leadership roles in the future, Allyson and Jack’s advice is to always believe in yourself because you are good enough no matter what.

“Some advice for the Year 12’s out there seeking a prefect role in 2021 would be to just keep doing what you’ve been doing since you were year 7. It’s not about all of a sudden stepping up in your second-to-last year in order to get a prefect role, but about constantly being someone that portrays leadership qualities in their day to day lives, whether it be noticed it not. Yes, it helps to be noticed throughout the school but if you’re living out your life with ongoing positivity, a kind, caring and compassionate soul then no matter what, Sancta Maria has secured themselves a student leader regardless if you are appointed a ‘prefect’ role or not.”

We congratulate Jack Farrell and Allyson Ropati whose leadership and never ending commitment to Sancta Maria College have seen them appointed this year’s Deputy Head Prefects for School Community. We wish them all the best!

Catherine Chan