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Meet Our Student Leaders 4: Academic Prefects

In this series of articles, we get an inside look at our 2020  prefects – their backgrounds, roles and ambitions. For our fourth feature, we speak with our Academic Prefects, Harrison Munday and Chloe Capati.

Harrison and Chloe were delighted to be given this role. Harrison says, “I was pleasantly surprised that I was chosen as Academic Prefect, as this helps me to finish off my schooling on a high and provide help and encouragement to the younger students.”

Academically, Harrison hopes to pursue a career that encompasses the subjects he currently takes – Physics, Mathematics and Physical Education. He is aiming for an Excellence endorsement at NCEA Level 3 and “looks forward to this year with the challenges that it will provide”.

He is eager to attend multiple EOTC trips which help students cement their class-learning; Rainbows End for Physics, Rotorua Trip for Geography and visiting Tongariro National Park for Physical Education Studies. Harrison keeps busy both in and outside of school. He has been a dedicated member of the school Concert Band since year 7 and also works part-time as a pool lifeguard, as well as volunteering in summer months as a surf lifeguard.

Both Chloe and Harrison are ardently involved within the school and so far have planned to set up an Academic Committee and also aim to host a peer mentoring or tutoring group which they believe will help students gain more confidence in their learning and understand the material/concepts more. Chloe says that they “want to make sure that students are not alone in their journey in high school and it’s always okay to ask for help.”

Chloe Capati has a passion for sports such as volleyball and hockey, is involved with coaching, committees such as 40-Hour Famine and Ball, is a Eucharistic minister, a member of Young Vinnies group and has been a Peer support leader for two years.

She currently studies Calculus, Statistics, English, Digital Technologies and Religious Education, and hopes at University to study a conjoint degree. Clearly, our Academic Prefects are diligent students with big goals for our school!

Chloe aims to encourage all students to do their best. “Many people doubt themselves and often think anything below excellence may be disappointing, but we want to encourage students to be proud of what they have achieved and hope that each student is able to perform to the best of their ability,” she says.

Harrison and Chloe believe that “everyone will experience failure or rejection at some point in life. For example, failing one of your tests. The best way to approach this is accept it and use it as motivation to work harder. As students, we know how upsetting this could be if you get the grade you didn’t want, and through many years of high school, we too have faced this,” they added.

For students aiming for prefect roles in the future, Harrison and Chloe highly recommend applying. Harrison has some valuable advice. “It really helps if you volunteer in the community and take all the opportunities that are given to you during school,” he says.

Chloe agrees. “Being a prefect is all about being passionate in your role,” she says, adding, “but to succeed, you need to learn how to face failure, need to find something or someone to guide you and hold on to, and most importantly, something that inspires you to work hard.”

Sancta Maria College wishes Harrison and Chloe a successful 2020 with their outstanding academics and bright future ahead.

Teresa Croker