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Meet the Akaroa House Prefects for 2024!

Samiyah Ambreen

Today’s feature is the Akaroa House Prefects for 2024, Milly Corboy and Max Taylor.

Milly Corboy

Milly has a passion for all things music and singing. She loves creating music with other people, while hearing their ideas and perspectives to create an amazing end-product. In 2024, Milly is most looking forward to getting more student involvement within Akaroa in House activities and she believes that we can do extremely well as a House once we get more people involved and passionate with House spirit. Milly’s best personality trait is her sociability as she says, “I love people and connecting with them (so please if you want to come talk to me, feel free).” Some advice that Milly would give to aspiring leaders is, “put in as much work as you are able to do. Don’t overwork yourself, but make sure you are always doing your best and don’t compare yourself to others.”


Max Taylor

Max loves to spend his time serving at his local church – it helps him to connect with his community, while serving God, through various ways. This year, Max is looking forward to revitalising Akaroa’s House spirit and building our whānau, one yellow icon at a time. He is also excited to see what God does within our school community, “I know He has good plans for us.” Max’s best personality trait is his optimism as he is always looking on the bright side, is very supportive and loves to give his God given talents to serve others. Lastly, some advice that Max would give to aspiring leaders is, “nothing ever has to be perfect, you are only human and are bound to make mistakes.”

We congratulate Milly Corboy and Max Taylor for their merited roles as Akaroa House Prefects. We pray for them and wish them luck on their upcoming journey leading Akaroa through 2024.