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Meet the Cultural Festival Performances #3

The 2020 SMC Virtual Cultural Festival is fast approaching, and in this series of articles we will be introducing the performances we have prepared. Today, we will be introducing the Senior Samoan Cultural group. 

The Senior Samoan Group involves students from Years 11-13, led by Miriama MageleRees, the 2020 group leader and tutor. 

These girls have been working very hard, twice a week to showcase the ideal Siva Samoa (Samoan Dance).  The 2020 Senior Samoan group will be performing a Siva to the beautiful Samoan song Le Tausala Samoa 

Miriama says that the reason she picked this song is because ishows happiness towards the Samoan Culture, and it’s an upbeat song, something for the girls to enjoy when dancing. “The song has a feel that means I can enjoy myself being around others; I don’t have to put on a fake smile,” she adds. 

During this process Miriama says that she had a great time teaching the girls and building a close bond with everyone in the group.  

With the Virtual Cultural Festival Miriama says that she’s excited to see the other performances as she wants to see how diverse this school is, because it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as your enjoying your time watching the other performances. 

The Senior Samoan Group is looking forward to performing their Siva. Showcasing the school where we come from and what it’s like to feel the Samoan energy around Family and Friends.  

The Seniors are excited to show the school virtually the beautiful Samoan Culture, and their Graceful Siva 

Fa’afetai Lava, 

Togitoto Magele-Rees