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Meet the Peer Support Leaders 2

In this series of articles, we introduce you to our Peer Support Leaders for 2020, and their perspectives on providing support for younger students. Today, we get to know two of our year 12 leaders, Alex and Minju.

Two Peer Support leaders are Alex Guadalupe and Minju Kim. Minju loves peer support because she can teach younger students the different things that she may have missed out on in Year 8. It’s a gratifying experience – learning to help them while also growing herself to be a better person.

Alex enjoys peer support because she gets to know new people from Year 8 and the students in 8BRN homeroom. She likes how all the students come from different backgrounds and come together to learn from each other and grow as better people. She enjoys the homeroom visits every Friday to join their homeroom and play activities with the Year 8s as they seem to enjoy school more when the peer support leaders come to visit.

Both leaders agree it is a joy to see how happy the Year 8s get whenever the Peer Support Leaders come to visit, as it brightens up their day which makes them feel accomplished in fulfilling the role as a peer support leader.

Some examples of the activities that 8BRN do with Minju and Alex are writing letters to their future selves with goals that they want to accomplish by the end of the year. They have been learning about communication, and this is a good way to communicate with others and themselves.

Other activities that that 8BRN do in Peer Support are: games involving communication, confidence, teamwork and trust with their peers leading to the Peer Support Leaders ensuring the students know themselves better, and the students get to know the Peer Support Leaders better as well.

Kayleigh Pieters