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Meet the Production Cast – Paris Stephens

Albin Paulson (Year 10)

This year the students and teachers of Sancta Maria College are holding the upcoming school production, Footloose. Paris Stephens has been selected as the lead role of Ariel in the cast of this production.

Ariel is the main character of Footloose. She was originally cast as Urleen (a side character) but the production was recast due to COVID-19 and the graduating seniors leaving. Paris felt so happy getting Urleen but the production was recast and she got the lead role. “I honestly was in shock because I’ve always wanted and gone for a lead but it felt really good!! I’ve always loved productions and thought that they were such amazing fun so I always tried and saw what happened.” – Paris Stephens

“No, I don’t do drama at school but I do enjoy singing as a hobby. I most likely won’t pursue drama when I leave SMC but will probably keep singing around the house!”

Paris also advised future young actors and told them to pursue acting and see what happens, as it is an amazing experience that is great worth going for. “I would honestly tell those kids to go for it and see what happens, it’s an amazing experience that I would recommend.”

Paris is honoured to be in the production, and she couldn’t have done it without the help of Ms Oliver, family and friends.