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Meet the Production Cast – Rolando Leasi

With cast members eagerly waiting for an audience, Sancta Maria College is preparing to release their new production, Footloose The Muiscal. One of the young actors tells us a little bit about his main role as Ren McCormack.

One of our best and finest actors, Rolando Leasi a Year 13 drama student, takes up the lead role.

Rolando tells us, “I play Ren, the lead character for the production Footloose. He’s a Chicago kid who loves dancing. He ends up moving to a town called Bormont and changing it. He’s such an energetic and upbeat yet emotional character. A really refreshing role to play.”

He continues, “I love being able to play a lead role like Ren who correlates a lot of aspects in my life.

As well as this, performing to me is like therapy in a way. I get to talk, act and express how I feel.”

When he was offered his role, he felt a little anxious but decided to say ‘yes’. Although he says learning lines isn’t his strong suit, he has worked hard to maintain the role he was offered. He also thinks he would be open to pursue drama in the future.

Rolando encourages other students “If you have a passion you want to follow, put all you work, dedication, and passion into it. It isn’t going to come if you don’t try at all.”

With all the hard work and time Rolando and the cast have put in, we can expect and fantastic performance soon to come.