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Message from the Principal


This communication is to update you on the progress of the St Luke’s Church build. Recently, we met with the Diocese and Fr Craig where we discussed earthworks. These are about to get underway with regard to the first stage of the construction of St Luke’s Church.

Markers have been placed along the Integrated Line of the campus land in preparation for the ground works to commence. The first stage is to move the large mound of soil from one side of the site to be spread across the entirety of the marked-out area on the right-hand side of the property as you enter off Chapel Road. Heavy metal trucks and diggers will be involved during this stage and the safety of our school community is paramount.

The Chapel Road entrance will be blocked off to all of the school community. This includes entry to the Uniform Shop and gymnasium. Staff are not permitted to park in this area and the steps over the fence have been removed from the far corner of the field. Therefore, students are not permitted to be dropped off to access the College via the Chapel Road entrance and walk across the fields.

For health and safety reasons, ALL students are requested to use the public path from the Chapel Road side, along Accent Drive and along Te lrirangi Drive to access the College from the front entrance. If you are needing to access the Uniform Shop you will now be required to enter via the Te lrirangi Drive entrance and park in the lower carpark.

The earthworks outlined above are scheduled to commence shortly and will be carried out six days a week and will continue through the school holiday period and Term 1 of 2019.

We acknowledge that this will be an inconvenience for some while this necessary work is being undertaken. However, we are looking forward to progressing the St Luke’s Parish Build which students on the Campus will be using as part of their special character programme at Sancta Maria College. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation during this time.

Yours sincerely

Louise Moore