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Middle school leaders have been chosen

28 students from year 10 were chosen as middle school leaders for 2020. This involved an application from many contenders aspiring to be chosen in the leadership role. They will go on to assist in different areas of the school.

Congratulations to these students who have been selected as middle school leaders:

House leaders
Akaroa – Yohan Solanga and Johannah Matanguihan
Hokianga – Francesca Camacho and Benedict Loulie-Wijtenburg
Korarareka – Quintin Wong and Aloyze Tafu
Waitemata – Nicole Xu and Dennis Tam

Service Leaders – Alexandria Lazatin and Teresa Croker
Cultural Leaders – Marina Jones and Akshita Ann Joby
Arts Leaders – Gwendolyn Brighouse and Johann Ang
Sports leaders – Jayden Lai and Yalaina Tubu
Academic Leaders – Anna Sajan and Nathan Chin
International Student Leaders – Einstein Siao and Mary Aguirre
Wellbeing Leaders – Jaiden Beltran and Jamie Currie
Student Ambassadors – Navhil Singh and Alanna Santoso
Digital Leaders – Daniel Pereira and Ella Dickens
Environmental Leaders – Kayleigh Pieters and Jennifer Zeng

We wish them luck in their new roles and look forward to their contributions to our school.

Cyprus Causer