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Moth plant competition

The moth plant competition is a great opportunity for students and staff to help Auckland reach its pest-free goal by 2050.

You can find moth plants on fences and in reserves or parks (Barry Curtis Park has lots of them!). Start collecting now before the seeds disperse. When you find a moth plant, just cut off the pod or root and put it in a plastic bag to give to Mrs McCreath in CG6. It is recommended you wear gloves to protect your hands.

Because our school is an envrio-school, we participate in events organised by Auckland Council. There are prizes to be won. Last year the prizes were a trip to Rotoroa Island and a behind the scenes visit to Auckland Zoo.

Jennifer Zeng is one student who has already started bringing in moth plants. “It feels good to collect them knowing how much they harm our native plants and I’m happy to contribute towards keeping our wildlife safe,” she said.

So, go moth plant picking with your family and friends. It’s great to get involved because you are helping our native plants thrive. You can add it to your Mother Teresa Service hours as well.

Let’s keep Auckland pest free!

Cyprus Causer