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Multi sports attract the crowds

Day four of sports week brought forth lots of excitement and joy for students of all ages, with an amazing rowing competition.

This activity isn’t the stereo-typical exercise in which you have to row in a boat on the ocean, but this is a simulated activity on land in which one has to sit on a machine and hold the puller and ‘row’ as fast as you can in order to beat your opponent.

There were also all sorts of other activities such as futsal, basketball, indoor cycling etc which engaged all types of people. If you didn’t like rowing you could try all sorts of other activities. This catered to a wide range of interests.

Through such activities people could find a new interest in one of the activities stated above or find new friends or even group of friends with the same interest. As the best way to make friends is to find people who have things in common with you.

Even though it was forecast to rain during this event that did not stop people from participating and getting to know each other on such a lovely occasion. With all the equipment moved inside to the gym everything went smoothly despite the weather.

Raynah D’Silva