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Naked Samoans Do Magic


Laughter filled the entire Civic Theatre during Friday’s captivating yet hilarious tale of the rediscovery of lost hope. Performed by the joint forces of talent from Bro’Town and Sione’s Wedding as well as with the creators of The White Guitar, The Naked Samoans Do Magic was a stage show that the Year 11, 12 and 13 Drama Class was very fortunate to see.

 Having left the school at 10:30 to journey by bus to Auckland’s CBD, the senior drama students’ intention for today’s trip was to prepare for their written external examination at the end of the year. This external requires the drama students to choose a play from the ones that they have seen and consequently analyse it in their exam.

Nonetheless, many of the students were in awe at the brilliant use of props as well as the clever set-up of the theatre,

“The props and theatre set up was so well put together. I was like wow.”

Not only was this expertly done but many of the students found the play to be very entertaining, “The cast dynamic and Kiwi humour made me roar with laughter.”

Overall, the students were able to draw many inspirational messages from The Naked Samoans Do Magic,
“The messages conveyed were so beautiful. Some that I was able to realise were: don’t stop believing in magic; dreams can come with a price; and you don’t always have to take life so seriously.”

Zoe Chou