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National Triumph for SMC – SingOut4Justice a success

Diego Carrillo Trevino , Charbel Alboutros, Hannah Ernstzen (Year 10)

The annual song-writing competition, organized by Caritas New Zealand, showcased the enormous musical talent that exists amidst our students. Yena Wang’s and Audrey Basilio’s song “It’s About Faith” won the Year 7 – 10s category of the competition.

These Year 8 students wrote a beautiful and thoughtful piece of music, using the ukulele as the main instrument, with lyrics that could make you think and put a smile on your face. It certainly brings a sound of positivity to the air and, in a way, relaxation.

This was Yena’s second year entering but Audrey’s first. However, both girls had a thirst for winning and delivering an enjoyable song. Audrey says she has a thing for music and thought it was an opportunity. Both wrote the lyrics and they have said the lyrics are based on hope and peace. They also mentioned that their lyrics were inspired by peace because the world is suffering at the moment. It took them a few weeks to write the lyrics, which is impressive. Well done girls. Click this link to view their winning song.

Not only did we win in the Yr 7 – 10 category, we also had another group achieve a ‘Highly commended’ for their song entitled ‘The Lord is my Light’ in the Yr 11 – 13 category. Congratulations to Milly Corboy, Kristine Guerrero & Leilani Davies with their original song. Click this link to view their winning song.

Music can change the world as it can change people, it is through writing about faith, love, hope or peace that people receive messages. That was the aim of the competition, in which all our five winners did more than enough to impress the judges.

The songs gave messages of Love, Faith, Unity, Positiveness.

Overall, they put in a lot of great effort and work into this. A big congratulations to these very talented girls for winning.