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‘Never Give Up’ wins 3 Awards at J-Rock

In the last week of Term 2 all the hard work and time put in to prepare for J-Rock really paid off, with Sancta Maria College winning 3 Awards for ‘choreography’, ‘soundtrack’ and ‘set design and function’ with our theme ‘Never Give Up’.

J-Rock is the perfect opportunity for those who enjoy dancing, performing and living a healthy lifestyle. The Year 7s and 8s put on an extraordinary performance on the night. Every student had amazing commitment and dedication, giving up their lunchtimes, afterschool, weekends and class time to prepare for our big day. We couldn’t have done it without all the help and support from our two wonderful teachers; Miss Shen and Mrs Croxford.

Our performance was about a girl (Ella) who experiences failure and embarrassment during her dance class. She goes through a phase of mind battles and then experiences depression. But when Ella’s positive mindset wins the final battle, she decides to work hard and eventually becomes a successful dancer.

This year’s J-Rock performance was choreographed by Berlin Mangu (Hip Hop), Paige Turner (Hip Hop), Nathaniel Vaimoso (Hip Hop), Louisa Nelson (Contemporary), Abby Tay-Morrison (Jazz), Claudia Little (Jazz) and Sydney Causer (Contemporary). There were four different groups; Hip hop, jazz and two contemporary groups.
The J-Rock team truly did themselves proud.

Sydney Causer