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New Students and Staff Welcomed at Opening Mass

During February, our school celebrated the first mass of the year. This was also combined with the Opening Powhiri that had been postponed due to Auckland going into Level 3 for 3 days.

Our school was very fortunate to be able to celebrate the inaugural mass of 2021 and welcome our new students and staff to Sancta Maria College while other countries may be less fortunate being stuck in lockdown for the past several months.

The Kapa Haka group led an amazing procession of the new students, support staff and teachers which was followed by two speeches that were given by Mr. Bacon, who said his both in Maori and English, and Mr. Hunn. In response to the speeches, our Kapa Haka led us in the hymn Tenei Te Whanau and the new staff and students led us in the hymn Ka Waiata.

During the homily, Father Kevin was joined by three year 13 students who acted and portrayed Mary, Joseph, and the Angel Gabriel. Father along with the biblical actors, gave us advice on how we can positively live our lives.

In our school’s tradition there is the washing of hands and the passing of the school candle. Our two senior students, Gemma and Felix washed the hands of Malaika and Julius (our school’s youngest girl and boy). Towards the end of mass, Malaika and Julius passed the School Candle to Gemma and Felix, our head prefects.

To end off the lovely Powhiri and Inaugural mass, students when exiting were allowed to have a biscuit, which lifted the sacred tapu off the gathering. This put a smile onto many students faces.

A special thanks to our Kapa Haka group, the worship band, Father Kevin, Head and Deputy Head Prefects, Mrs. Oliver, Mr. Gibbs, Senior leadership, Mr. Bacon, Mr. Hunn and all other students involved for making this a special and wonderful occasion.

To our new students and staff, we would once again like to welcome you to Sancta Maria College and wish all the best in journey here.

Daniel Pereira