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Orienteering on the rise


Friday’s NZ National Orienteering Secondary Schools Championship was a successful day out for our athletes. Recording 5 top 10s (including a composite relay team), two 11th places, and a 12th in Championship grade, was a very pleasing result considering we were up against 70 schools and several hundred competitors.

These official results from the New Zealand Orienteering Federation (NZOF), give Sancta Maria College a good reputation, and national results, the students should be proud of, in the sport of orienteering!

Our students have come a fantastic distance and done superbly – most having never heard of the sport a year ago. They have had to learn to read a topographical map accurately while running, understand map scales, features and colours, operate a compass, master multi-stage international level pre-starts, while running a cross country event in a forest – where you can’t even see the next point you are running to! This is the most competitors we have had at the Nationals, and certainly the most impressive results.

James Karl: Long Course 6th

Einstein Siao: Sprint 30th

Dante Choi: Long Course 11th, Sprint 29th

Cameron Motion: Relay 3rd, Long Course 11th, Sprint 34th

Amelia Davies: Sprint 61st

Alicia McGivern: Long Course Championship 12th, Sprint 4th

Emma Granich: Relay 8th, Long Course 25th, Sprint 32nd

Koyuki Ho: Relay 8th, Long Course 8th, Spring 36th

Catherine Motion: Relay 8th, Long Course 20th, Sprint 54th

John Kyle Balthazar: Long Course 6th, Sprint 45th

Rory Quiding: Sprint 23rd