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Our Community Prefects for 2023

“We look over the school community and we aim to develop the connections between the students and foster a school where everyone is connected, where everyone knows each other…where everyone enjoys going to school with each other” Alanna says, when asked what she does as deputy Prefect of community. Both Navhil and Alanna agreed that their roles as deputy Prefects of community is to oversee events and continue to grow a school community where the students feel safe and comfortable.

When she isn’t working hard for the community and herself, Alanna is busy enjoying her hobbies and extracurricular activities. Alanna is involved in a lot of school activities like News centre, cultural festival, Caritas, eucharistic minister and orchestra. She also plays cello and viola. When she isn’t participating in school activities, she is enjoying time to read and cook. Alanna reveals that one of her goals for the future is to study a double degree in law and computer science. She also plans to travel the world.

How Alanna got to where she is now is through following her passions. “I really enjoy talking to people and meeting new people. That’s why I got myself involved in the school community in the first place.” Getting to where she is now was not easy, she stated that she often struggled with time management, balancing her workload, and keeping up with her studies.  Some advice Alanna has for younger students wishing to become a Prefect in the future, is to get involved. “Do things that you like, and you may make some new friends on the way, because I definitely have…as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll go far”.


Navhil uses his time outside school to engage in athletic activities like football and volleyball. He often helps with football by coaching or refereeing and he coaches the junior girls’ volleyball teams. He is also a part of the Caritas team and is a librarian. Outside of athletics, Navhil enjoys reading comic books, driving, and playing strategy games like chess. Navhil’s goals for the future are to study engineering and to receive a degree in software engineering and to travel to Japan.

“How I got to where I am now…I’m just a very outgoing person.  I may not have a lot of badges, but I still give back to the school in different ways, like involving myself in sports and just connecting with a lot of students” Navhil declared he too struggled with time management. He also says, “Realising that just because my friends don’t like what I do, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it”.  Advice Navhil has for the younger students “Don’t worry too much about how many badges someone has” he said. “It’s not about the badges you have…It’s about what you’ve done and how you impact others.  Even if you can just inspire students to play a sport, teachers and families will recognise that, so just do activities that is true to yourself”.