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Our Environment Team supports World Vision

Sancta Maria College’s Environment Team had $100 left over from the mufti day money that was raised for the filtered water station. The Team has decided to donate this money to World Vision.

World Vision works with families and children who are in need. They make sure that these families in need have the resources they need to survive, such as water, food, shelter and clothing.

The Environment Team has chosen to put this money towards getting a vege garden, garden tools, and a beehive. The gift of a vege garden provides children with 5+ A Day, which helps kids grow strong and healthy. It also provides a family with extra income as crops can be sold, meaning that more money is available to send the children to school.

The gift of garden tools will help a family with maintaining their garden as many people in Africa rely on their garden as a source of income and for food. Enabling a family to have the right tools will make their life easier as their garden will be more productive.

The gift of a beehive can give farmers access to markets, resulting in a better income as beeswax and extra honey can be sold. This is also beneficial as it means that bees can pollinate crops and flowers to keep them growing food for the community. By increasing agricultural productivity, this means that farming families can sell their food and get extra money, which provides a better life for their children.

Mia Gilchrist