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Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow

On a bright Wednesday, two Year 13s, Miriama Magele-Rees and Letisia Fifita, attended the Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow Programme (PILOT). Amongst other Pacific Islanders from across South and East Auckland, the girls gathered to discuss and learn about their histories.

The PILOT Programme presented the opportunity to learn about the great aspirations of their Pacific Island ancestors.

As the only two from Sancta Maria College to attend the programme, Miriama and Letisia seized the chance to indulge in conversation with other Pacific Islanders in the community.

Their interactions led to the discovery that every single story was different. “It helped me realise that as a daughter and a student of the Pacific community, I am lucky enough to be in a school that is full of opportunities,” Miriama reflected.

As young Pacific Leaders, Miriama and Letisia studied how their fishermen ancestors sailed the seas in their Vakas in search of a better home. Like pilots who navigate the skies, the fishermen navigated the oceans to provide for their families.

This enlightening experience left Miriama and Letisia with stories to share and memories in mind. Now, they continue on their Vakas towards their futures as Pacific Islanders of Aotearoa.

Nasya Chin