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Peer Support Programme Launches for 2017

Now a firm favourite among younger students, Sancta Maria College’s Peer Support Programme was first introduced into the school system as a way to battle the negative side-effects of peer-pressure and encourage a stronger support network among pupils.

Over the last week or two, the Year 11 and 12 peer support teams have been sighted in and among the ‘D-Block’ grounds conversing with the Year 7 and 8 students during interval and lunchtime, hoping to create a sense of trust before entering their homerooms.

And although an initial wave of nervousness came over the Year 12 peer support teams this soon vanished following what was a ‘Peer-etty successful’ first session with the Year 8s. It was chock-full of team-building activities and laughter, resulting in brightly-beaming smiles.

So with heads held high, the Peer Support Leaders of 2017 look forward to a new year filled not only with support-building opportunities but with long-lasting smiles among the senior, junior and middle-school students alike.

Gabriel Nito