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Performing at Summerset


Last Friday was a special day for the residents of Summerset Retirement Village. Three Sancta Maria College music groups visited the rest home to perform for them.


The first of the three groups, the Clarinet Group (Aidan Chan, Harrison Munday, Clifford Tam and Luca Edwards), played Petite Suite. This was followed by the Chamber group, Accordia (Minju Kim, Orla Edwards, Chong Bin Wee, Kelly Qi), who performed Next Time Around and Lingua Franca. Finally it was the turn of the school choir, Sanctus, to entertain the audience with their ‘Big Sing’ repertoire.


The residents enjoyed the performances very much, even offering the students snacks at the end as a sign of their appreciation. It was a great experience for those who will be going to the Chamber Music Competition and the Big Sing in June.


Minju Kim