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Pétanque – more than just a game

The team, Breanna Jury, Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg and Katrina Chan, left school early morning to arrive on time. They filled their day with French quizzes, challenging activities and of course the Pétanque. Many of the teams were dressed in the iconic and typical French attire – striped shirts and berets. Delicious French baguettes were served for lunch, a welcome surprise for the day.

The team did very well and tried their hardest even though they did not come first or finish in the top 10 Auckland Schools at Pétanque. Our school team strong and powerful opponents including Rangitoto College who won the competition, and St Kentigern who came third.  However, overall they enjoyed the game and had a great experience that placed them 23rd out of the 45 teams.


Katrina Ocangas