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Pink Shirt Day makes a statement

Audrey Basilio

Upon entering the school on Pink Shirt Day (Friday 17 May 2024), there was a splash of pink that could be seen throughout the campus. From students and teachers wearing the pinkest of outfits, to decorated classrooms filled with pink balloons and signs that said “No Bullying.”

So, what is the reason for all this? As a way to promote anti-bullying around the world, Pink Shirt Day focuses on creating safe workplaces and communities, free of bullying.

Pink Shirt Day originated around 2007 in Canada, where hordes of students defended a student, who wore a pink shirt to school and found himself the victim of bullies. The following day, everybody wore pink to express kindness toward him. Hence, Pink Shirt Day is now celebrated throughout Canada and here in New Zealand to make a stand against bullying.

As for Pink Shirt Day in Sancta Maria College, wearing pink outfits was not where it stopped. There were also exciting events to make it more enjoyable and fun for students. Three days prior to Pink Shirt Day, students were able to purchase bouquets and craft their own flowers using pipe cleaners to send to someone they love. Students also got to do a photobooth and take pictures with their friends for something fun and sociable to do.

Pink Shirt Day is a highly anticipated event to promote anti-bullying, and it surely didn’t disappoint (all thanks to our well-being prefects). As a team, we should:

  • understand the keys to the prevention of bullying,
  • stand together,
  • speak together and
  • focus on each other’s wellbeing, not just for Pink Shirt Day, but every day.