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Praise and Pizza


The South Regional Schools’ Young Vinnies meeting was an evening of fun, networking and pizza. The meeting included the three Catholic schools in the South Auckland region: De La Salle College, McAuley High School and Sancta Maria College.


At first the three schools separated into their own school groups. The atmosphere was quite tense and awkward. That is until students left their groups to mingle with others.


From then on it was a series of ice breakers, lifting the tension between the schools. Each student discussed their involvement in Young Vinnies and what the groups have recently been doing for the community.


Carrying on from the topic of service it was interesting to hear from a few De La Salle students about their recent trip to the Philippines. The students told us that it was a trip to give service to their De La Sallian communities based there.


They told us how they spent time in the homes of local families. How they built houses in San Mateo and visited child hospices, igniting smiles on the youngsters’ faces. It was truly empowering hearing of their service.


Following our ice breakers we had a ‘Riff Off’ led by the Young Vinnies leaders. It was truly an enjoyable time with all groups trying to find songs associated with Jesus, love, size and numbers. At the end of the ‘Riff Off’ the students were greeted with pizza and some students even started serenading the attendees.


We finished the meeting by singing ‘Lean On Me’ and taking a group photo. By the end of the meeting new friendships were made and a bond formed between the three schools. It was a splendid end to the week.


Helen Pahulu