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Primary Showcase a Success

Alexandria Lazatin (Year 11)

Our amazing Festival Orchestra held its first performance of the year for Sancta Maria Primary School. We had musicians ranging from Years 7 to 13 that played all four sections of the

orchestra (percussion, woodwind, strings and brass). They performed the opening number, ‘O du lieber Augustin’, which was incredibly executed. Exceptional enthusiasm from the children delighted our fellow musicians.

Senior orchestra mentors, Sandra Heruela (violinist) and Yesel Wang (trumpeter) each performed one solo piece demonstrating their wondrous instruments. A talented Lewis Eady teacher filled the auditorium with the music from her French horn, blowing all of us away with her performance of ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ and ‘Star Wars’.

This was a wonderful event for everyone who was involved. It was a great start for our players who have a year ahead filled with other great performing opportunities.

Thank you to Mr Gibbs, Head of Music, for making all of this happen. We would like to also thank KBB Music and Lewis Eady for taking the time out of their day to present our children in Sancta Maria Primary School (remove this – with lesson opportunities.)

If you would like to enrol your children into trumpet or violin lessons at Sancta Maria Primary School go to or flick an email to for more information.