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Primo Orchestra Brings Home a Bronze Award

Saturday was the big day for our Primo Orchestra, as they performed at the Lewis Eady Junior Music Contest at Ponsonby Primary School. The annual event saw us among 40 acts of primary and intermediate school age and our youngest orchestra, featuring Year 7 and 8 players (some of whom only started learning instruments this year) won a bronze award for their performance of ‘Frolic’.

The Primo Orchestra was conducted by Year 10 student, Adrian Vargas, who is a saxophonist in the Big Band and Concert Band – making him our third student this year to conduct an ensemble at a major competitive musical event. Special thanks should also go to flautist and fellow Year 10 Kathleen Shi. A member of our Symphonia and Concert Band, Kathleen has helped Adrian in mentoring the Orchestra.

Our students did us proud again in what will be the last outing for the Primo Orchestra this year. Having cut their teeth as performers, our players will be moving up to other ensembles, but the current Year 7 players will return as Year 8 Primos later in 2020 to link up with next year’s new players to perform at the Lewis Eady Junior Music Contest again.

Stuart Gibbs

Head of Music

Sancta Maria College