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Pumped up and ready to go

Another early morning wake up for the girls of the Premier netball squad. 8:15am calls for the start of the warm-up and the blood starts pumping straight away.

With the opponents being Botany Down College’s Premier team, the girls were pumped and ready to go, doing what they could to try and come out with a win. Playing neck and neck for most of the game, Botany unfortunately came through with the lead and despite fighting tooth and nail until the very end, the players from Sancta Maria just weren’t able to bring it back.

If the morning game was anything to show for what was to come, the girls knew that they were in for a tough day.

One might say that starting the day off with a loss is never a good thing. Although in most cases this may be true, the girls from the Premier squad decided to use this as fuel for their next game.

At HPNC, with nothing more to lose the girls fired up from the get-go. Another neck and neck game saw the premier girls giving every last bit of energy, once again. With combinations changing here and there, from quarter to quarter, the opponents suffered from not being able to become used to their partners play, giving Sancta the upper hand.

Fighting with whatever energy they had left, the SMC prem squad came out with a well deserved win against Mellons Bay S3.

What a day it was and what a great way to end such an eventful day.

Martina Kleis