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Rainbow’s End Trip a Blast for International Students

Akshita Ann Joby and Winnie Wang (Year 11)

The international students of SMC went on a trip on the 7th of April 2021 to Rainbow’s End. They left at 9:30am and the fun journey began from there.

It was such an amazing experience for all students who participated. Many students tried every ride there, which was really good. The Fear fall, Invader, Bumper Boats, AA drivers Town, Scorpion Karts, Family Karts, Stratosphere, Roller Coaster, PowerSurge, Dodgems, Gold Rush and the Log Flume were all so much fun and definitely worth a try.

Winnie Wang says that “In my opinion the scariest ride is the Stratos Fear, and the second scariest ride is the Fear Fall. I also enjoyed the one that makes you feel super dizzy and sick, the PowerSurge. Stratos Fear is the scariest because it rotates 360 degrees, and it is takes about 3 minutes! The Fear Fall was just going up at a constant speed, then drops down at an unexpected time, but the whole progress only takes about 1 minute.”

Overall, everyone enjoyed this international students’ trip. There are people who were there for the first time, and others who have been there many times. On this trip, we got the chance to make new friends and develop a deeper friendship with some friends we already knew but don’t often have the chance to talk to.